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  • Pancakes / Safety Seminar at EQY/Monroe, NC June 24

Pancakes / Safety Seminar at EQY/Monroe, NC June 24

  • 06/24/2017
  • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

0900 “The Basics of BasicMed” – Dr. Sean Malone, MD Rowan Diagnostic Center, Partner Staff Member, Rowan Regional Medical Center Salisbury, NC FAAST Team Rep. Commercial pilot with IR

1000 - 1200 “Pilot Decision-Making”, Guy Maher

For any pilot who does even the minimal amount of reading about general aviation accidents, it comes as no surprise that pilot decision-making is the leading factor in the cause of accidents. The sad part is that this is nothing new. In other words, we haven’t invented new ways to kill ourselves. Accident reports of today read just like they did 60 years ago. And how many times have you heard from those who knew that ill-fated pilot say, “He was a good pilot, careful, not a risk taker.” For the most part, that was probably true. But it only takes that one lapse in judgment or giving in to that pressure to “go” to cause a good pilot to make a bad choice. This training – through the use of video scenarios - will dig deep into how quickly the accident chain can develop, and how to recognize and break the
chain. The training will also tackle the often asked question, “What was that pilot thinking?” Most often we don’t know because that pilot was killed in the crash. However, during this session the presenter will examine actual crashes for which he has specific background knowledge of what that pilot was indeed thinking. The training will finish with specific techniques the attendees can use to not only manage the risk of each flight, but to also effectively deal with those people who are often a part of the “pressure to go” equation.


BIO - Guy R. Maher is a dual-rated ATP/Commercial pilot and CFI for airplanes, helicopters, and instruments. He is an FAA FAASTeam representative and lecturer with nearly 17,000 hours – all civilian general aviation. He operates the aviation services company he founded – Lanier Media – specializing in aircraft sales and acquisitions, type-specific training, multi-media productions, and litigation support. Maher is a widely known and respected aviation photojournalist, who for 37 years has been providing a vital and unique firsthand perspective on the industry, while tangibly promoting a focus on safety.

Click here to register through the FAA Safety WINGS program: https://www.faasafety.gov/SPANS/event_details.aspx?eid=76355


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