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Good news for Continental 520 & 550 engine owners

10/24/2017 9:17 AM | CAC Administrator (Administrator)

Crisis Averted

Earlier this year Continental Motors issued MSB05-8B intended to compel owners of Continental 520- and 550-series engines (and a few IO-470s) to pre-emptively replace the older-style camshaft gears with a newer-style gear that is .06” thicker. It looked like thousands of low-time-since-overhaul engines would need to be torn down within 100 hours, and that any engine overhauled more than 12 years ago would need to be torn down before further flight.

Savvy Aviation joined a group of stakeholder representatives including AOPA, American Bonanza Society, Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association, and Twin Cessna Flyer, and eventually persuaded the FAA to not issue an AD for these gears. In this month's column for AOPA Pilot, Mike Busch explains how the crisis was averted.


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