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    Make sure you cast your votes for the 1st bracket!

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    Our Beach Cove Welcome

  • 02/21/2015 8:42 AM | Christophe Masiero (Administrator)

    If like me you are using Foreflight for planning and in the cockpit, you will see some change in this new release: flight rules is now flight category. Same feature, new name.

    Read more on the Foreflight blog page, especially the useful reminder about ceiling and visibility displayed separately won't give you the field category e.g if the field displays 10SM visibility it won't make it VFR if ceiling is 500ft. Only flight category display will show the correct status of the field.

    Safe flights and I hope to see you next weekend in Myrtle Beach!


  • 02/13/2015 7:37 PM | CAC Administrator (Administrator)

    What a fun read.  Enjoy this 'Blast From the Past'

    AeroClub Newsletter May 1972.pdf

  • 02/11/2015 8:26 PM | CAC Administrator (Administrator)

    2015 Annual Planning Meeting
    February 27th - February 28 2015

    Please join us in Myrtle Beach on February 27th and 28th for our Annual Planning Meeting Extravaganza. We’re returning to the fabulous Beach Cove Resort , Myrtle Beach, SC • 4800 S Ocean Blvd North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582.

    Our agenda will be much like last year:

    Friday, 27th: ‘Five O’Clock Tea Party’ (5:00PM EST) in the President’s Suite. Hosted by 2015 President Sammy McIntyre. After the drinking has subsided a bit, we’ll continue ‘Story Time’ at the Flying Fish Restaurant at Barefoot Landing.

    Saturday, 28th: 8:00 Breakfast on the Club (means Free). Planning Meeting will be from 9:00AM - Noon. Lunch will be on your own and many members have expressed an interest in playing golf (details will be firmed-up before meeting). We’ll gather again for a ‘Five O’Clock Tea Party’, then out dinner around 7:00PM.

    We look forward to seeing you there. CAC Registration Email to follow.


    Room Reservation Information:


    Marianne M. Smith, Director of Sales
    (800) 331-6533/ (843) 918-7710 Fax: (843) 918-7702

    DATES: February 27 - March 1, 2015

    OCEANFRONT EXECUTIVE SUITES: $65.00 +resort fee+ tax= $81.03 per night.
    Breakfast Vouchers- $9.50, inclusive per person per morning.

    Individuals should call 1-800-331-6533, press option 1 and refer to "Carolina Aero Club" to receive the above discounted rate. Reservations should be made on or before January 15, 2015

    A first's night stay deposit is due at the time of making your reservation.

    A block of rooms will be held for your exclusive use up to 45 days prior to arrival or until all rooms set aside have been reserved. At this date, the unused portion of the room block will be released. All reservations accepted after this date are accepted based on availability.

    11:00 A.M. (Should meetings run past the 11:00 a.m. check out time, luggage must be brought to a
    pre-designated area. Arrangements must be made prior to arrival.) We require 24 hour notice of early departures to avoid room and tax for that night.


    Payment is due on day of arrival/departure. Any additional charges will be billed within (5) business days and are due upon receipt of invoice. Individuals may present credit cards for in-house charge privileges. These charges must be settled prior to departure.


    Requirements for audio/visual, telephone or special electrical hook-ups should be discussed in advance with the Banquet Manager or Conference Coordinator

    FOOD & BEVERAGE When finalizing your planned functions, we ask that you accept the assistance of our Banquet Manager and/or Conference Coordinator whom can be reached at 800-331-6533 Ext. 7761, and is standing by
    to be of service to you. South Carolina State Sales Tax that total 9 1/2% (applicable at this time) will be added to the total cost of the function including the 21% service charge. Also, keep in mind that we will need the guaranteed attendance figure for each meal function NO LATER THAN TWO (2) WORKING DAYS prior to each event. All food and beverage prices are subject to change.

    ENTERTAINMENT Beach Cove Resort has an on-site Golf & Entertainment Director to assist in planning recreation. We are affiliated with all the golf courses and theatres in Myrtle Beach and will provide assistance if needed. There are tennis courts available at our adjoining "sister property" - Ocean Creek Resort, and arrangements can be made with their tennis professional. Fishing arrangements can also be made upon request.

    PARKING: Beach Cove provides free parking in an on-site covered parking garage for passenger cars, motorcycles, vans and pick-up trucks. Parking of recreational vehicles, larger trucks, larger vans, and buses will be in a specially designated area not in the parking garage. During high occupancy periods, a number of spaces may be limited. The loading and unloading of any oversized vehicle will require prior notification. (Place to be designated by the resort).

    INDIVIDUAL CANCELLATION / NO SHOWS: Contact the sales director at least 48 hours prior to arrival to receive a refund. No shows forfeit the first night's stay deposit.

    MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS CLAUSE: Upon written notice, either of us may be excused from performing this agreement due to Acts of God, wars, government regulation, disaster, strikes, civil disorder or other emergencies making it illegal or impossible to provide the facilities or to hold the meeting. This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of South Carolina. Changes to this agreement must be made in writing.

    "In event of a hurricane or other such disaster, refunds or in kind credits may be provided to guests during the period in which a mandatory evacuation is in effect as ordered by the Governor of South Carolina."

  • 02/10/2015 8:40 PM | CAC Administrator (Administrator)

    We thought it might be helpful to give folks some ideas for our upcoming Planning Meeting by posting our schedule for 2014. So here's last years February Newsletter with events and goings-on. Might jog a few memories or ideas.

    CAC Newsletter Feb 14.pdf

  • 02/01/2015 7:10 PM | CAC Administrator (Administrator)

    By Jessica Mejia Columbia Star

    Dri, a pointer hound, needed transportation to a foster family in the South Carolina lowcountry. Two volunteer surface transporters drove Dri to Beckley, West Virginia, where Pilots N Paws met him for a flight to Jim Hamilton L.B. Owens Airport. Christoph Masiero was Dri’s pilot for that flight. Annette Boette (l) and Helen Foley met his plane and drove Dri to meet his foster family. Dri has recovered from his rough early life and is living the life he deserves with a furever family. It all started with a rescue, volunteer drivers, and a volunteer pilot.
    Photo courtesy of Annette Boette

    Pilots N Paws, a 501c3 non-profit organization, has helped transport thousands of rescued animals to new homes. Christophe Masiero is one of many private pilots who donate their time, planes, and fuel to travel across the United States. Ever since 2009, he has logged over 900 flying hours.

    Masiero first learned of Pilots N Paws through his wife. “Since we both love animals and I love flying so much, she felt it would be a great activity for me. It actually allows me to plan missions with ground volunteers, fly hours to stay current and proficient, and last but not least, be part of the solution, helping our community and innocent animals at the same time,” said Masiero.

    Christopher Masiero and Birdie with her adoptive mother, Julie
    Christopher Masiero and Birdie with her adoptive mother, Julie
    In the United States, four million pets are euthanized every year because they cannot find a caretaker. In his two years with the organization, Masiero has flown 51 missions and has helped rescue a total of 124 animals: 113 dogs and 11 cats.

    Pilots N Paws is unique in its goal to make sure there is transportation available to rescued animals no matter how far the destination may be. This has proved beneficial to the pilots in strengthening their flying skills. “ Stretching my comfort zone is also a great bonus for a pilot. This allows me to go to busy airports like in the Washington, D. C. or Atlanta, Georgia area. I would not necessarily go to otherwise,” said Masiero. The organization helps the volunteer pilots by distributing a percentage of their donation towards aviation events that help educate pilots about the task they are undertaking.

    Even though the pilots supply their own equipment and fuel, the knowledge they are partaking in something helpful for the community is satisfying. “With each trip, the idea of helping the lives of innocent animals is a great joy. In addition, being part of a team and helping the volunteers on the ground (who tirelessly visit kill shelters every day to save lives) put together a rescue trip on a short notice gives great satisfaction,” said Masiero.

    Nonetheless, the Pilots N Paws attempts to help its charitable pilots as much as it can. One way it has done this is by making it possible to claim part of their flight expenses as a donation.

    Masiero’s last mission took place less than two months ago when he flew from Shelby to Mannassas, Virginia, to rescue a white German shepherd. Many times these long trips are aided by other volunteers, who exchange information with the pilots on the organization’s discussion board website. Entire trips can be arranged like this to sustainably save as many animals as possible.

    Masiero has experience in working with others to accomplish this goal. “Last September, I noticed a shelter was trying to transport Birdie, a sweet dog, to its adoptive mother, Julie, who lives in Northeast Ohio. The original plan was to find three pilots to do the legs necessary to cover this long distance. After several weeks of unsuccessful trials, and since my company, Dimension Data, generously offers each employee eight hours of work time a year to donate to a charity of their choice, I gained approval to do the full trip for Pilots N Paws to finally bring Birdie to Julie.

    “ Two days before, I heard about two mix pits in South Carolina in need of an urgent ride to Kentucky, or they would end up in a kill shelter. I arranged the logistics to go to Camden, South Carolina, to pick up Birdie, then to Newberry, South Carolina, to get the two pits and drop them at the Taylor County Kentucky Airport.” The trip took over nine hours and spanned 1,300 miles, but it was well worth it for the three dogs that were saved.

    Original Article:

  • 01/10/2015 11:20 PM | CAC Administrator (Administrator)
    The Western NC Pilots Association would like to invite CAC Members to our fly-in. This would be a great opportunity for the two groups to meet. We will not have a formal meeting, each buys their own lunch at the Crosswinds Restaurant and we all sit together. Fuel at self serve is $4.15 a gallon. If you want to buy at the self serve fuel, tell  ground control that you want to go to the terminal. The Crosswinds Cafe is next to self serve. If you don't want fuel, you might want to park at the FBO and come upstairs to the Crosswinds. 

    Thank you and look forward to seeing some of you and hopefully meeting more members of the CAC.

    Susan Van Fleet

Address: 8413 Cheverny drive, Waxhaw, NC 28173

Phone: (704) 502-7520


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