12/01/2014 2:21 PM | Bob Wofford


Not exactly, but we did eat well and managed to do justice to the delicious meal prepared for us by the Sea Palms chefs.    What’s more, we had a mess of fun with Capt. Susan Dusenbury’s wonderful talk replete with regional aviation historic anecdotes, including stories of:

  • 1)     the Gastonia hijacking of Boyce Stradley to Cuba by way of Rock Hill for fuel,
  • 2)     the fabulous Louise (& Herb) Thaden and the Thaden Furniture Co. of High Point, 
  • 3)     Viola Gentry of Eden, the first female pilot certificate holder from NC who also held the first official female solo flying endurance record and close friend of both Amelia Earhart and her impostor Irene Craigmite Belam ,
  • 4)     Tom Davis’ (Piedmont Airlines’ founder) first solo in a 40-HP Taylor E-2,
  • 5)     Johnny Crowell of Carpenter Airport and aerobatics-by-the-knees fame inventing the castellated nut, 
  • 6)     Zeke Saunders, one of Piedmont’s first pilot group in 1948,  and, among others,
  • 7)     wingwalker Page Winchester and the 13 Black Cats. 

As it happens, we were on the front end cusp of Sea Palms’ renovation without any apparent issues and had the benefit of very good room rates, food and service from the SP folks.   

The Aero Club banquet was time to recognize a range of contributors to Club success in 2014, including all fly-in hosts from CRE Planning Meeting (Karrs and Hudsons) to our terrific rainy-day turnout at the famous Carthage Pik ‘N Pig on November 1 (Paras and Petersons). 

CAC officers and boardmembers were recognized for their substantial efforts in moving our Club forward, as well.  Decky Stell accepted the new president’s gavel on behalf of Sammy McIntyre, new Club President.  Sammy and Yvette McIntyre were unable to attend due to the recent loss of Yvette’s aunt, but they have taken the reins and are off and going with really excellent fly-in and Club organization plans for 2015.

The banquet was, and this newsletter serves as memorialization of, our Annual Meeting and minutes as a NC nonprofit corporation for the year 2014.  The new slate of officers, who are also directors, was elected unanimously:

-        President – Sammy McIntyre

-        Vice President – Chris Masiero                       

-        Secretary-Treasurer – Bob Wofford

Immediate Past President and also elected a club director is Chris Hudson. 

The following continuing directors were also elected by unanimous vote:

Ken Adams, Grant Beatty, Lester Bradway,  Norm Karr, Theresa Karr,  Bert Richards, John Shearer, Decky Stell and Eddie Todd 

Obviously, we welcome members of any age, race, gender and religion, but please be on the lookout for young men and especially women to join CAC, work with us and advance the Club goals of adding women members and members under 40.  We have generally agreed that this appears the path to vitality for aviation and for CAC specifically as we move deeper into the 21st Century.

Address: 8413 Cheverny drive, Waxhaw, NC 28173

Phone: (704) 502-7520


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