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June 22nd Monday morning 9:30: Hickory Airport: 56 aircraft in the
Air Race Classic will land to refuel before continuing the 2,200 mile all
women’s air race. Public welcome to view this free event.


Hickory is Honored
The All Women’s Air Race Classic to Land Here for
Fuel On Monday June 22, 2015 
In 1929, ninety nine women pilots gathered to form an organization for the
purpose of supporting women that were flying or wanted to learn to fly. 
They called their organization The Ninety Nines.  That same year they had
their first Powder Puff Derby racing from Santa Monica to Cleveland.  
The  first president of the Ninety Nines was Amelia Earhart who later was
the first woman to fly Solo across the Atlantic to Europe in 1932. 
The Ninety Nines have now grown to over 5.000 members from countries
around the world.
This year’s Air Race Classic will start in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The
airplanes will take off one after another beginning at 8 a.m. Monday, June
22. They’ll fly to Morganton NC, do a high-speed, low approach (offset to
the side of the runway) across a designated timing line to stop their time for
that leg, then continue on to Hickory to land and get fuel. 
Depending on the weather, the first racers should arrive in Hickory around
9:30 AM. Some teams will stay for awhile and others will take off
immediately, fly back to Morganton to do another flyby to restart their time,
then continue on to the next stop in Conellsville, PA


After four days the race will end in Fairhope, Alabama covering 2,200
miles. The race is limited to 55 aircraft, two women or more per aircraft.
The race must be conducted by visual means only in the day light hours and 
the racers are not allowed to fly in the clouds during the race. 


This year’s Air Race Classic will have three contestants from North
Carolina. Stephanie Wrenn who teaches flying at Flightgest in Raleigh
Durham says that she still remembers the first time she ever experienced
that true feeling of freedom that only flying can give you. She said flying
has given her the confidence and joy she never knew she had. Stephanie is
an Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship winner helping to pay for her
Multi Engine Rating. Stephanie is the co- secretary of the Kitty Hawk
Chapter of the 99’s this year.


Jan Squillace started flying after having a forty year career in the computer
industry and being a designer of financial systems. She  a Technical Support
Consultant and now that her children have finished high school, she has
thrown herself into her passion of aviation. She was the first female
president of the 52 year old Wings of Carolina Flying Club in Sanford NC,
she is the FAAST Team Representative teaching safety to the aviation
community, among many other volunteer aviation endeavors.


Corbi Bullock who flies the governor of North Carolina, was the first
female pilot to be hired by the NC Department of Transportation. Corbi is a
member of the International Board of Directors for the for the 99s, has 
served as president of the Kitty Hawk Chapter of the 99’s. This year is her
first time to race in the Air Race Classic. She and Jan Squillace will be
flying Corbi’s Piper Dakota.


The Hickory Airport, owned and operated by the city of Hickory welcomes
these lady flyers. The Hickory Airport has a reputation of being and
excellent  airport with extremely competent and friendly staff. 


The public is welcome to come to the airport to watch the arrival and
departure of the race teams.


For more information: 
Susan VanFleet 


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